For a novice with a new website, it is always important to get your site listed on the major search engines. While the traditional 'add url' forms are seen to be the best answer for listing a website - this might be in some cases, but if you are looking to have your search engine submission approved within a short period of time, their is a method that will help speed the process up.

When you, for example, use Googles add url form, your website is added to a long list of sites awaiting to be crawled and indexed by Google Bot. This will normally take a few weeks & can be a frustrating process.

A Search Engine bot will crawl through a web page and follow the links within that page. Listing your site on a page that is already in a search engines database will very likely speed up your submission approval to a matter of days rather than weeks. To ensure that this method will work, try and add your websites link to a page that is popular, non-spammy and regularly crawled.

If you find that this doesn't work, try creating a couple more links using the same link creation method.

Written by Rory Buckley



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