Developing a natural link development pattern will help your website establish better rankings within the search engines. The key is to focus on quality rather than quantity - a website that has 100 good quality links from trusted sources will rank better then a website that has 500 links from overcrowded online directories & link pages. If you stop and take a look at this matter, you will realise that it only takes 'common sense' to realise what the correct strategy should be for creating natural links. Think about it from a search engines point of view - inbound links from trusted sources are going to pass more 'link juice' in regards to improving your page rank and potentially leading to improvement in your SERP's.

Going back to the phrase 'natural link development pattern', try & make your link building look as natural as possible, meaning that you don't create too many links in a short period of time, as this could be detected by the search engines which may lead to your website being filtered out of relevant search queries.


Written by Rory Buckley



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