When building a link for a website, it is always important to think about what your title/anchor text will say. For example: lets say you had a website named that happened to sell wooden toys. When it came to creating the link, rather than having the anchor text read '', it would be more wise to have it read 'Wooden Toy Suppliers' or 'Buy Wooden Toys Online'. Having your anchor text more relative to your sites content and/or products can only be more beneficial, as this will give the search engines additional information regarding your website when crawling your links.

The trick is not to be overly aggressive with your anchor text. Don't resort to solely using your keywords all the time, instead vary your text making sure it is relevant & randomly place your keywords within it, but don't over do it as it could result in your website being filtered out of some of your desired searches.


Written by Rory Buckley



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