Taking a realistic & sensible approach to choosing appropriate target keywords and phrases for a website is always a good starting point. If you are researching for a new website with a new domain name, try not to set your goals too high in regards to being overly ambitious with the competitiveness of your keywords.

Prior to doing any research, it is always important to be aware of the many keyword research resources that there currently are online. There are too many to name altogether, but the seo book keyword tool is one of the best all round online research tools currently out there and best of all its free to use.

The main aim in researching keywords and phrases is to determine what would be the best direction to point your seo campaign in regards to driving targeted visitors via your selected and related search keywords. Most of these research resources will give you an estimate of potential search traffic that you could expect to receive from having a top/high placement for a particular word/phrase. Don't always take this too seriously as it is only an estimate & some search queries are seasonal and/or do have variable trends.

Written by Rory Buckley



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